Close-up picture of Aiko Herbos, Max Climbing athlete

Aiko Herbos

Competition climber

Born in 2001, in Edegem (Belgium), Aiko and his parents have been passionate about climbing since the young age of 10! At the age of 11 he was already participating in his first climbing competitions!

His passion is driving him to grow stronger and stronger through the years, and he has currently achieved 8a+ on rock in sport climbing, with “Hurlement” in Orpierre, France. But sports climbing is not his only strong point, he has also bouldered 7c on rock!

He has been selected to be part of both the national youth bouldering AND sport climbing team this year.

While getting older he is currently training very hard to reach even higher goals, which he is doing on a regular basis! We’ll keep you up to date!