How to install the “One Arm Trainer”

Put one of the short ropes through the handle. Grab both rope endings and push them through the T-piece.
Grab the rope endings and tie them in an 8- knot. Tighten the knot.


Repeat for the second handle

Take the long rope, push one end through the little blue cylinder. Tie a single 8 knot underneath the blue cylinder
Tighten the knot
Grab the other end of the long rope. Make a single 8 knot and put the end of the rope through the carabiner. Use the end of the rope to trace back your path and make the single 8 knot into a double.

Tighten the knot

Throw the double 8 knot over the branch (or whatever you want to use)where you want to hang the “one arm trainer” on.

Connect the carabiner to the “middle” of the rope.



Plug the grips into the one arm trainer and you are all set.