Max Mazes
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When training is fun

progression comes naturally
Training should be fun
Solve mazes while hanging or planking

Practice the mazes in hand so you can beat them in more challenging positions: while pushing up and/or pulling up.

Choose a maze

Pick a maze depending on what you want to train. Choose a maze with a long path for endurance training, a maze with much height variation for power training, or finish them all just for fun!

Meet the Mazes (more to come)

Flushed Away

Endurance + Speed Accuracy

Difficulty: *** (3/5)


Booby Trap

Endurance + Balance

Difficulty: *** (3/5)


Mountain Pass

Power + Controlled Movement

Difficulty **** (4/5)


Start 2 Maze

Two way; easy vs hard mode

Difficulty * (yellow path), ** (orange)


Booster Ball

Speed is the only way

Difficulty ** (2/5)


Blue Mamba

Doubledecker endurance run

Difficulty ** (2/5)


Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing
Max Maze - Max Climbing

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Because training should be fun!

Solve Max Mazes in 3 different ways:

  • Hold maze in hand and solve it 
  • Put the maze in the mazeholder and solve it while standing in push up position
  • Put the maze in the mazeholder, hang the mazeholder up on the rope and solve it while pulling up

Each maze has challenges (cruxes) to overcome. Try to find a way through the mazes by practicing with the maze in your hands. When you have figured it out, you are ready for the next step. Can you solve it while pushing up? And while pulling up? Solving the maze gets harder with every step.

  • Train balance and coordination while solving in hand
  • Train core strength, strength endurance and stability when solving in push up position
  • Train pull up strength, endurance and balance when solving while pulling up

Do you have what it takes? can you stay focused when fatigue kicks in? 


Maze difficulty rating: (1=easy, 2 normal, 3 challenging, 4 very hard, 5 impossible?)

Start 2 Maze 1-2/5 (precision endurance)

Booster Ball 2/5   (speed)

Flushed away 3/5   (endurance and speed precision)

Booby Trap 3/5  (precision and endurance)

Mountain Pass 4/5 (stability and control)


More mazes to come... be prepared


Combo pack includes:

  • Rope 2.5m
  • Rope adjuster
  • 3 Mazes 
  • Mazeholder (wood)
  • Plastic lock to attach the rope to Mazeholder
  • 3 metal balls


Start 2 Maze combo includes:

  • Rope 2.5m
  • Rope adjuster
  • 1 Maze (start2maze) 
  • Mazeholder (wood)
  • Plastic lock to attach the rope to Mazeholder
  • 1 metal balls

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