Organizing climbing or bouldering competitions from time to time?What’s a cooler souvenir than an original climbing hold trophy or medal?
You can select a customized product from a broad selection of medals and trophies or we can design a fully custom one! All products are hand made in Belgium, ensuring maximum quality and fast delivery times!

Some of the trophies we have been receiving are literally art-pieces, such as the carabiner trophy. Obviously the winners were very happy to receive such a gift. Thumbs up Max Climbing!

Ruben Carpentier Laniac escalade climbing gym


belgian boulder cup crux gym trophy 2015
All our trophies are handcrafted and produced according to the wishes of the federations and climbing gyms.
You can either send us your design idea, or we can suggest you one of the various existing models in which we engrave your logo!
Do you want your event to be truly memorable?
Max Climbing trophies are the way to go!

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Looking for an affordable way to reward the climbers in your event?
Our unique medals include a ribbon and printed label on the back, just chose the design and inscription, and you’re set!
Just as with our trophies, you can send us a design idea, or we can show you the various existing models on which we can apply your logo.

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