Basewood screwless mounting kit

29,00 (incl. 21% VAT)

  • no scratches, no drilling
  • 5 minute assembly
  • 1 minute mounting
  • endless joy




The Basewood was designed to be an aesthetically appealing, yet functional home climbing wall. But opposed to many other hangboards out there, we wanted the installment to be clean and quick, without measuring, drilling and screwing, that’s why we designed the Basewood screw-less installation addon kit. This addon allows you to install and de-install your home climbing wall within a few minutes.

Set includes:

  • Basewood ledge (945x45x9)
  • Basewood retainer (1100x100x18mm)
  • M10x300mm bolt: 2pcs
  • M10 washer and wingnut: 2pcs

Please pay attention: Some doors have to be taken out of the frame before the screwless kit can fit. Normally it is possible to mount the screwless kit in between the door and the frame when the door is open. Sometimes, when the hinges are not placed on the outside of the frame, the screwless wil not fit in between the door and the frame.
You can check in advance: There should be at least 1.9 cm in between the frame and the open door for the screwless kit to fit.



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