handcrafted training tools for climbers.

Our Story

In 1826 we set out to create the world's first hangboard. The sticks and stones climbers were using to train before simply weren't cutting it.

No seriously, we love climbing, so since 2012 we've been making climbing products.

We try to come up with new innovative products as much as we can

So we can all do some Max Climbing!


we help you

If you train consistently with tools that were designed for climbers, you will start seeing your climbing improve over time.

our products are

All Max Climbing products are locally made. Raw materials, locally sourced.

Pieterjan Ossieur

the adventurer behind the scenes. By day, I'm immersed in engineering, crafting and designing innovative products. But when the sun sets, my heart belongs to the thrill of climbing / training, where I truly come alive.

Not just a climbing enthusiast, my passion extends to training— an essential part of the climbing journey. As the mind behind our climbing training equipment, I bring the precision of engineering to the peaks I conquer.

Our Vision

At Max Climbing, our vision is rooted in a commitment to crafting what's new and innovative through simplicity. We believe in the transformative power of climbing and strive to elevate the experience with products that seamlessly blend ingenuity and ease.

Dedicated to sustainability, all resources for Max Climbing products are locally sourced or chosen for their minimal environmental impact. Our products proudly bear the "Made in Belgium" stamp, reflecting our dedication to quality craftsmanship and supporting local communities.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. With every order placed, we contribute to a greener world. We plant trees to nurture the earth and take strides in cleaning the air and ocean. At Max Climbing, we're not just creating climbing products; we're cultivating a community of adventurers who care about the planet as much as they love the ascent. Join us in reaching new heights responsibly.