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    Carabiners Collection

    Secure Your Climb with Premium Carabiners

    Welcome to our Carabiner Collection, featuring a wide range of carabiners from top brands. Whether you're looking for HMS carabiners or standard carabiners, we have the perfect options for all your climbing needs. Check out our belay devices so you can make an optimal decision on which carabiner to choose

    Types of Carabiners

    • HMS Carabiner

    HMS (Halbmastwurfsicherung) carabiner, also known as pear-shaped or belay carabiners, are ideal for belaying with a Munter hitch and other belay devices. Their large size and wide gate opening make them versatile and easy to handle.

    • Standard Carabiner

    These versatile carabiners are perfect for a variety of uses, from connecting quickdraws to securing gear. Available in various shapes and sizes to suit different needs.

    Closing Mechanisms

    • Screw Gate

    Reliable and easy to use, screw gate carabiners require manual screwing to lock and unlock. Ideal for situations where you need a secure and adjustable locking mechanism.

    • Twist Lock

    Twist lock carabiners offer a quick and secure locking mechanism that requires a simple twist to open and close. Perfect for situations where speed and efficiency are essential.

    • Triple Lock

    For maximum security, triple lock carabiners feature a three-step opening process, providing an extra layer of safety. Ideal for critical applications where security is paramount.

    Why Choose Our Carabiners?

    Strength and Reliability

    Our carabiners are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand the demands of climbing and other outdoor activities.

    Versatile and Adaptable

    With a range of shapes, sizes, and locking mechanisms, our carabiners are suitable for various climbing styles and applications.

    Trusted Brands

    We offer carabiners from reputable brands known for their innovation and reliability.

    Shop with Confidence

    Our carabiners are rigorously tested and come with a satisfaction guarantee. Explore our collection today and find the perfect carabiners to secure your next climb!