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  • 4 gripping positions ranging from very easy to challenging

    • Rope suspended or fixed, allowing static or dynamic exercises

    • Increases core, finger and fore arm strength


    What’s more ergonomic and versatile than a ball-like hold? That’s right, nothing is! This hollow 95mm diameter ball is a fun toy for every climber, whether you’re a pro or a beginner. You can use the Rockblob in many ways:

      • With the rope through the hold: swing round like a true monkey.
        • Without the rope: mount the balls on the wall just like a normal hold, using the appropriate bolts.
          • Pull your rope through the ball and fix it with a carabiner into a loop: now you have a rotating round hold or a hanging pocket.


          Whether you want your holds up high up or down low to the floor, the rope length adjusters allow you to quickly change the rope length for various exercises. For instance:

          • Training with uneven loads by hanging one hold higher than the other.

            • Push-up exercises with your hands on the Rockblobs offer a great challenge, activating your stabilizing muscles and fore-arms.
            • Suspension trainer setup in order to train your antagonists and work on your posture.

              Just like the Maxgrip, the Rockblob is a great solution for your mobile climbing gym or as a warm-up tool. You can easily take them on a travel, to a crag, to a competition or simply to the gym and suspend them to a tree branch, truss or indoor climbing wall, using the appropriate accessories.


              Set includes:

              • 2 x Rockblob hold

                • 2 x rope + 2 x rope adjuster

                  • Selection from 3 standard colours and 8 special colours


                  *This polyurethane hold is designed according to the NEN-EN 12572-3-2008 standard, assuring a strong and reliable design.

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                  Customer Reviews

                  Based on 2 reviews

                  Its a ball and you can hang on it. Yep I like it

                  good balls

                  Big advantage that they are hollow, gives many extra hanging positions. There are some airbubbles in the plastic though