Warmup tools

    Before you go on any climbing adventure, it is important to use the proper warmup tools. It is never a good idea to start training without warming up your muscles. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary injuries, which will prevent you from climbing. Warming up should mean that you prepare all of your muscles for the real work. Therefore, we chose to provide training products which, when used, will warm up all necessary muscles.
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    The importance of good climbing warmup tools

    Although finger training equipment can be one way to warm up the muscles in the fingers, it is best to start with a more thorough warm up of your entire body. Elastic bands from our online climbing store are ideal for this purpose. These climbing warmup tools come in different colors, which indicate the amount of weight that is needed to stretch the bands. The suspension trainer will help you to put an end to the warm up phase. Now, it is time for the climbing grips to enter the picture. These will help you gain more strength in your arms and fingers. Soon enough, you will be ready to tackle any wall!

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