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    Crushed chalk, powder chalk, and liquid chalk are all popular choices among rock climbers and other athletes who need a reliable grip on equipment. Each type of chalk has its own unique properties and benefits, making them suitable for different situations and preferences. Scroll down for some more information.

    Crushed chalk is made from breaking down larger pieces of chalk into smaller, more manageable pieces. It is a popular choice for climbers who prefer a more natural feel on their hands. Crushed chalk is also known to be less messy than powder chalk, making it a good option for indoor climbing gyms.

    Powder chalk is made from finely ground magnesium carbonate, the most commonly used substance for climbing chalk. It is the most traditional and widely used form of chalk. It is known to be extremely effective at absorbing moisture and providing a strong grip on holds. Powder chalk is also very easy to apply, making it a good choice for climbers who want a quick and convenient way to chalk up. This is probably the best type of chalk to carry when on the rocks.

    Liquid chalk is a newer option that is quickly gaining popularity among climbers. It is made from a mixture of chalk and alcohol. It is less messy than powder chalk, making it a great option for indoor climbing gyms. The chalk cream and magic chalk from Chalk rebels is based on natural seawater, which makes it eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

    We at Max climbing like to use crushed chalk for indoor bouldering, liquid chalk before we start a lead climbing route and powder chalk for during the lead climb. 

    Don't take our word for it

    The One Arm Tainer is absolutely insane. I use it 3-4 times a week and have gotten much stronger already xx



    Basewood arrived on time and in excellent condition. I've gotten a few training seshes in and quite satisifed.


    Orlando, FL

    These are interesting little things. Never heard of rockblobs before but it's a nice little grip I can take to the gym and workout my grip/forearm strength with.


    Bern, CH

    Beautiful board, absolutely love the Spinchboard Solo Hybrid


    Los Angeles, CA