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Product Description

Introducing the Crimp Battle, the ultimate training tool for climbers looking to enhance their crimp strength and technique. Made from durable, recycled wood, this engaging device pits you against an opponent in a test of finger strength, endurance, and tactical prowess.

How It Works

The Crimp Battle features a wooden plank with two edges, each designed for a perfect crimp grip. Players take their positions, each grasping one edge. The goal is straightforward yet challenging: pull your edge towards yourself and cross the central line before your opponent does. The player who crosses the line first wins, proving superior crimp strength and precision.


  • Eco-Friendly Construction: Crafted from top-quality recycled wood, the Crimp Battle is both sturdy and environmentally conscious, ensuring long-lasting use while supporting sustainable practices.
  • Competitive Training: Transform your crimp training into an exciting game. The Crimp Battle adds a competitive element to your workouts, pushing you to enhance your grip strength and technique.
  • Portable and Practical: Lightweight and easy to carry, the Crimp Battle is perfect for training sessions at home, the gym, or outdoors. Maintain your crimp strength wherever you go.
  • Skill Enhancement: Improve your finger strength, endurance, and overall crimping technique—essential skills for climbers. The Crimp Battle also serves as an excellent tool for rehabilitation and hand therapy exercises.

Why Choose Crimp Battle?

  • Competitive Fun: Challenge friends or fellow climbers to see who has the strongest crimp.
  • Engaging Workouts: Make your training sessions more dynamic and enjoyable with this interactive game.
  • Sustainable Choice: Support eco-friendly products and responsible manufacturing by choosing the Crimp Battle.

How to Play

  1. Set Up: Place the Crimp Battle on a stable surface. Both players face each other, each gripping one edge of the plank.
  2. Start the Game: On a count of three, both players start crimping their edges, attempting to pull the plank towards themselves.
  3. Compete: Use your finger strength and technique to move the plank. The player who crosses the central line first wins the round.

Join the Battle!

Ready to take your crimp strength to the next level? Get your Crimp Battle today and elevate your climbing training. Whether you're a seasoned climber or a beginner, this game is the perfect addition to your fitness routine.

Order now and become the ultimate crimp champion!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
cool but not the nicest finish

I realy enjoy this product. Truly great to have some competition among friends. However you can also see that it is made from recycled materials, it is a bit rough around the edges


The Crimp Battle is an absolute game-changer! As someone who’s been climbing for years, I’ve tried various training tools, but nothing adds the same level of competitive fun as this. The eco-friendly construction is a big plus, and it’s incredibly sturdy. My friends and I have turned crimp training into a regular part of our climbing sessions, and we’re all seeing improvements in our finger strength and endurance. Highly recommended!