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    Welcome to the world of Max Climbing where we provide you with a range of climbing training equipment suited to climbers of every level! Being climbers ourselves, we are well aware of what you need to become a well-rounded climber. That is why on every page of our website, we are happy to provide you with some expert guidance and gear to make your climbing training as effective and rewarding as possible. So scroll away and explore our climbing training tools.



    Strength training versus climbing specific training

    Our workout equipment for climbing consists of 2 main categories: climbing specific training equipment and strength training equipment. Even though both categories help you gain strength, climbing specific training gear will help you train the exact muscles needed to get better at climbing. The strength training equipment for home will help you build muscles that you use less when climbing. While this might not make your climbing better in the short run, it will help to keep your body balanced and healthy.

    Training your muscles correctly

    For example, let’s take a look at the bicep; It is one of the muscles we use a lot during climbing, mainly when we flex our arms. When climbing often, without engaging in other kinds of arm training at home, your bicep will grow stronger while your tricep will not. Since the tricep is the muscle that does the exact opposite of the bicep, a so-called antagonist of the bicep, your arms will stretch when activating the muscle. When the strength difference between the antagonist and agonist becomes too great, you might injure yourself or notice that you can not stretch your arms as easily anymore. Did you ever notice that your arms are entirely flexed when you wake up? Then it is time to do some antagonist arm training with the strength training tools from our store!
    Check out our Blog about muscle imbalances if you like to get to know more about it.

    Let us help you with climbing training

    Let us help you precent or fix this imbalance :) Check out our strength training for more tips and tricks. On the climbing specific page, we will help you choose the equipment that is best suited to your climbing needs and desires.